Production team of Ariel Phenomenon:


DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, Randall Nickerson

Randall Nickerson has been working in the film industry since 1987, first as a stage and film actor and then transitioning into cinematography and ultimately into directing. Nickerson has shot for many news agencies and for several documentary films. Ariel Phenomenon is his first feature length documentary after much practice in short form documentaries. Nickerson is also a professional commercial and nature photographer who has had highly reviewed galleries in Manhattan and Massachusetts. His photos have also appeared in several books including NY Times Best Seller UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record. His photography can be viewed here: Nickerson's film, video and photographic production company, String Theory Films, LLC, can be found at



Christopher Seward is a documentary filmmaker and consultant with over twenty years of experience. He edited Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes and the top grossing documentary in history, as well as  Moore's Oscar nominated Sicko - both earning him nods from the American Cinema Editors Guild as Best Documentary Editor of the year. While he continues to do some finish editing he has expanded into Directing as well as Producing, Writing and Supervising for a dozen other directors, applying his talents on films like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Wake Up and Fire in the Blood.


EDITOR, Rikk Degres

Rikk Degres is a veteran editor and has handled post-production duties for over twenty-five Florentine Films productions including Ken Burns' Emmy-winning Baseball and the Academy Award nominated Wild by Law. Rikk is the founder of Pinehurst Pictures & Sound, where he has continued to do post-production work on award-winning films such as the Emmy-winning documentary Divided Highways. His work can be seen and heard on PBS, ESPN, HBO, Cinemax, and several museums across the U.S. including the F.D.R Library & Museum and the National D-Day Museum.



Rebecca Rideout has worked on award-winning PBS-broadcast productions with Florentine Films / Hott Productions, including the American Masters’ programs John James Audubon: Drawn From Nature, and Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America. She co-produced Feeding Frenzy, a feature-length documentary for the Media Education Foundation, and worked on dozens of films for museums and learning centers with Monadnock Media, such as the F.D.R. Presidential Library and GulfQuest: The National Museum of the Gulf of Mexico. Since founding Told Video in 2014 she has produced, shot and edited original storytelling for universities, non-profits, schools and businesses in Western New England.



Anne Krzanowski has been in the healthcare administrative/management and project management fields for more than twenty years. She has also successfully managed several photographic art exhibits in Massachusetts. For Ariel Phenomenon Krzanowski has served as the main social media liaison, business manager, web developer and crowd funding campaign manager. She has also assisted with editing.



Leslie Kean

Leslie Kean is the author of the New York Times bestseller "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record (Crown/Random House, 2010) and field producer for the 2011 History Channel feature documentary "Secret Access: UFOs on the Record" based on her book. Kean was also a producer for the James Fox documentary "I Know What I Saw." 

Will Bueche, John E. Mack Archives LLC

Will Bueche´ serves as archivist of Dr. John Mack's writings for the Mack family. He previously worked for Dr. Mack at the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER). He has also designed book covers for several self-published authors.

Dominique Callimanopulos, John E. Mack Institute

Dominique Callimanopulos has a background in Anthropology (BA) and Psychology (M.Ed). She is currently the Founder and President of Elevate Destinations, a sustainable travel company located in Cambridge, MA; . Dominique worked with Dr. John Mack in the 1990s, exploring the alien abduction phenomenon internationally. Their travels took them to Australia, Brazil, Europe and Africa where they interviewed and filmed the Ariel School students.

Dino Bruce, Marketing Consultant:

Dino Bruce is a marketing consultant with over ten years of experience in the entertainment, sports and consumer product fields. He is currently the Director of Creative Marketing at Aviron Pictures in Los Angeles, CA.  He can be reached at 

Sheela Ramtuhol, Graphic and Web Design Consultant:

Sheela Ramtuhol is a Montreal based Professional Graphic, Web, and App Designer with 10 years of experience in corporate branding. She is passionate about helping clients develop a successful visual voice. She can be reached at 



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Sukriti Singh, Editing

Abbie Duquette, Editing

Habibatoh Bah, Production

Liz Whitaker, Production 

Lauren Finzi, Production