• “Congratulations!  Enjoyed the film greatly.  It puts the issue in a touching, emotional place...The original news reports and interviews plus the current statements from them are also where your real value lies.  The drawings are immensely powerful…Thought the balance in your treatment of John’s career was well struck and essential to the film. With thanks and respect.”

    - Dan Aykroyd, Emmy Award-winning actor, comedian and filmmaker

  • “In the annals of UFO sightings, few close encounters of any kind remain as troubling as the 1994 event described by dozens of children at the Ariel School in rural Zimbabwe. Documentarian Randy Nickerson brings the mystery alive, revisiting the scene and tracking down original witnesses, now grownups still haunted by nightmarish memories. Was it really true? Did it really happen? But how?”

    -Ralph Blumenthal, award-winning journalist and author

Sampling of Fan Feedback:

  • "I think this is one of the most important and least understood UFO incidents of modern times. I hope the movie will help to bring it the serious attention it deserves, and with it, better acceptance that it did happen."

  • "I have been fascinated by this story ever since I heard about it. The fact that children drew pictures of what they saw and they all drew very similar things. It

  • “So in the past 24 hours I have gone from the number one skeptic of this case to believing something very powerful and rare has occurred."

  • "Something so genuine about these interviews. Chilling." 

  • “I am a skeptic but this film is such a fresh take on the genre. I really like the human approach to it.”