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  • “Congratulations!  Enjoyed the film greatly.  It puts the issue in a touching, emotional place...The original news reports and interviews plus the current statements from them are also where your real value lies.  The drawings are immensely powerful…Thought the balance in your treatment of John’s career was well struck and essential to the film. With thanks and respect. - Dan Aykroyd, 2018

  • "This entire subject can really contribute to opening up new worlds to people (maybe literally as well as figuratively)."

  • "We need more good documentaries to saturate the internet with this information for the coming generations and your project looks pretty high quality so you deserve the support of people who are already interested because you're working for all of us. good luck."

  • "Independent media producers need independent funding to exist, or else all we get is propaganda sponsored by corporations or states."

  • "This is hands down my favorite case. You have excellence here"

  • "I am greatly looking forward to the release of the Ariel documentary film! My opinion is that this film will bring about media attention first to this largely unknown incident and then also to the UFO/UAP phenomenon. Kudos to you guys for all the work you're doing in bringing this together."

  • "I think this is one of the most important and least understood UFO incidents of modern times. I hope the movie will help to bring it the serious attention it deserves, and with it, better acceptance that it did happen"

  • "I am a father, a UFO Researcher, and a former child abuse detective, and when it comes to the Universe, I am still a child at heart. I was deeply moved by the trailer. This will be a very important film"

  • "I have been fascinated by this story ever since I heard about it. The fact that children drew pictures of what they saw and they all drew very similar things. It amazed me then and still does. This project has to carry on and see if there may be some answers. Over the years, in Zimbabwe, there has been other sightings and strange phenomenon. They all seemed to follow certain areas that had similar minerals etc., all very very interesting. I for one will follow this story with huge interest"

  • "This might be one of the most important documentaries about the alien phenomena to hit the world!"

  • "This is an amazing video; watching those children's faces and their body language tells you everything about what they experienced without even listening to the words they say with such sincerity and deep concern for how others will hear them. I watch it and think, this is really powerful and brings it all home. All the truth about this planet, someone is listening!"

  • This landmark event, in my opinion, represents one of the greatest eyewitness testimonies than any in UFO history"

  • So in the past 24 hours I have gone from the number one skeptic of this case to believing something very powerful and rare has occurred"

  • "Something so genuine about these interviews. Chilling." 

  • “This film has the potential to be groundbreaking”

  • “This is the best evidence I’ve seen since since my obsession began in 1994”

  • “Looks beautiful, and powerful”

  • “Your film is going to be released at the m most opportune time”