Ariel Phenomenon will bring great benefit to the subject matter of unusual human encounters. This film will open a conversation about life in the universe, not as science fiction but with real people and real events. It is a human story, not focused on special effects or aliens but on the emotional impact, and what it might mean for all of us, if there is other intelligent life in the universe.

Much work has been done on the film and we are almost there. Several key witnesses have come forward and these essential people needed to be interviewed. This required travel and filming. Phase One of our fundraising efforts covered the costs of the travel and filming.

Of course we don’t expect something for nothing. As our thanks for your generosity feel free to scroll through the rewards we’re offering including autographed film posters, DVD, movie t-shirt, or your choice of a one-of-a-kind wildlife or landscape photo taken by the Director, who is also a professional nature photographer, during his time in Africa.

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What your funds will be used for:

 Your funds will help with the final post production costs including footage rights, music composition, editing and marketing and publicity as well as help purchase additional equipment for the editing team.