Help us make history! This story is vital to get out into the world - not just to those who witnessed the event, but to everyone. There may just be a message for us all.

How Far We've Come

Our first campaign helped cover the cost of travel to Africa, Canada, and other areas to conduct final interviews that are crucial to telling this story in its entirety. Travel to Africa to revisit the Ariel School and interview other key witnesses occurred in late 2015. What was learned during this trip was invaluable to the film and would not have happened without your support and generosity. Our second and third campaigns helped to cover editing station technology and to pay our editors and outreach team. Personal loans have been taken out; staff members' family and friends have also helped this project live to see another day.  It has been a true labor of love.


As a token of our thanks, feel free to scroll through the rewards - we have pins, an autographed film poster, t-shirt or coffee mug with the official film logo, pin, baseball hat with Ariel School logo, or your choice of a one-of-a-kind wildlife or landscape photo taken by Randall during his time in Africa. We've adjusted the levels to account for shipping and labor. Let us know what you'd like in your Paypal note, or choose "no reward" to put staffing time / $ toward the film directly.

Major investors receive credit in the film; please contact us for Executive Producer involvement and credit in this ground-breaking film that will change the UAP conversation permanently.

 Thank you for helping bring this story to the world.